Champaign Mover Review by Anita S.

I would like to give a thousand thumbs up for the workers; the actual PHYSICAL labor gentlemen that tarped and packed and moved and placed my belongings in my new home: Adam Potgier and Thomas Clausen. TREATED MY STUFF LIKE 22K GOLD. Sweat running off them. Concerned about any scratch and the way Adam worried about a scratch on my dining room table and Thomas concerned himself with the floors and walls in the new place, worried they would leave a scratch or dent or chip some paint. A thousand thumbs UP moving me from Champaign Illinois to Chesterfield Mo!!! THANK YOU ADAM AND TOM! I would like to address the woeful inadequacy of middle and upper management. The ones they sell you the job ...misquote ..come back.. requote .. don't answer calls or return emails ... ask for credit card FIVE TIMES. Ask for documents to be refaxed THREE times. Ask for contact person on Chesterfield end FIVE TIMES. John Olsen of Champaign Illinois what the heck happened once you got my business! Julie Strazinsky the high level baller emailing me calling me for MY CREDIT CARD AND CONTACT PERSON WHILE ADAM AND TOM WERE UNLOADING HAVING MADE THE WORKERS DECISION TO RESPECT THE CONSUMER! Yes! Adam and I made the arrangements while the 'managers' Julie and John 'managed'. Oops said Julie whine whine I been out of office HELLLLO OUT TO LUNCH and John what the heck happened !!? I stand UP for the WORKER and say middle and upper management TAKE NOTICE! You suck! Your performance SUCKED! Tomorrow night I will finally sit in my new home thanks to ADAM AND TOM. For the consumer. The WORKER! Thank you gentlemen and Allied??? TRAIN YOUR MANAGEMENT and give their raises TO THE WORKERS. Sincerely. Anita (Ann) Priscu-Smith