Peoria Movers Review

Greetings, We ship several motorcycles a year to customers located across the US. We have used Daily Direct as our sole shipping provider. Our experience with Daily Direct has been mixed. We have never had an issue with damage to a motorcycle, but the transit times are extremely excessive. In one experience we arranged to ship a motorcycle to Florida with a specific deadline for the motorcycle to be in Florida, they missed the deadline by several days. We arranged the shipping almost 3 months in advance and they had the motorcycle for about 3 weeks. Recently we were working with a customer who was purchasing a motorcycle from Nevada. Daily Direct told us it would take 3 to 4 weeks to get the bike to our location. The customer contacted Federal and the bike was here in a matter of days. We have some friends from Sweden who planned a motorcycle trip from Wisconsin to Washington. The plan was to ship the motorcycles back from Washington when they complete their trip. I contacted Federal and arranged shipping. I was pleased with the timetable and the price. This trip is still in progress, however a problem required one of the motorcycles scheduled to be shipped back to be left in Cody, WY. We arranged with Choice Aviation to secure the motorcycle and I called Federal on Friday, August 27th to make arrangements for this motorcycle to be shipped back to us. I was told that this was a remote location and would take a while to pick up, so I was expecting something like 2-3 weeks. When I was told the motorcycle would be picked up between 8/30 and 9/3, I was surprised. I received notification this morning that the motorcycle was picked up on 8/31, just 4 days after I called, and that included a weekend, so I am very impressed so far. Thanks for the great service! Federal will definately be getting our business! Doc
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