St. Louis Movers Review

Hi Sheri, Thanks so much for verifying that for me. I have a $4900 budget, so I wanted to make sure I was safe. And it looks like I made it (just barely!) And I know you had asked me yesterday how everything went. It all went very well. The packers were very professional and very efficient. The movers were also very professional and seemed to be very careful with all my things. I felt very comfortable that all four people (both packers and movers) knew what they were doing and were very trustworthy. For the most part everything arrived okay. There was only one broken plate, but I’m pretty sure it had broken before and was glued together, which means it was really fragile, and there’s nothing the packers could have done anyway. (Plus it was a clean break, which means it can be glued back together again.) I also had had the movers put my plants on the truck last (which they said they might not survive), but when they delivered, we forgot to get them off. I didn’t even think about it until the next day. Both of these are pretty minor and not too serious. Overall, I’d have to say I was very pleased with the whole experience. I know it was difficult arranging my move so close to Christmas, but I appreciated that when you were not in the office, Scott was in communication with me. And again, both the packers and the movers were very professional, and I appreciated the care they took of my things. Also, the movers were regularly in communication with me both before they came and packed and while they were traveling, which was very nice and something I also really appreciated. Even though they didn’t deliver on the day originally planned, they always kept me notified of the situation well in advance, so I could make my arrangements accordingly. I feel very comfortable recommending your company. I will make sure that I mention my experience to SharonAnn Smith (the Principia HR Manager) so that she can pass the information on to the next person that Principia moves. I’d also like to add that your cost was significantly lower than the other two moving companies Principia works with. In fact, you were the only ones that were within my $4900 budget. Thank you very much for all your help! And thank you also to Lotty and Debbie (the packers) and to both movers, Lewis and (I forgot the driver’s name!) Please tell them all that I appreciated their work. Sincerely, Jill
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