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Third Party Logistics

We are your single-source third party logistics provider. We can distribute your products to your customers in a streamlined, efficient manner. Federal Companies can optimize your entire supply chain for a comprehensive third party logistics solution. We will analyze the complete supply chain and identify specific ways to gain quantifiable value.

Federal Companies will look to identify current gaps in your existing supply chain and determine what is the best strategy for your company. Our third party logistics services ensure a tailored program that expedites the entire process of goods being received from the manufacturer and distributed to your customers.

Our knowledge, experience and flexibility provide an optimal solution that is your single source for supply chain management and third party logistics.

As a leader in the computerization of the distribution industry, Federal maintains state-of-the-art systems to dispatch and track all equipment. We offer third party billing services and provide the level of detailed reporting you require.

Federal Companies’ goal is “To Be Customer Valuable” for every third party logistics need. At Federal Companies, we are your one-stop provider of full-service third party logistics services. Contact us today to find out how we are the superior third party logistics provider. Get your free moving quote today by filling out the quick form at the top of this page.